Healthcare. Opportunity. Potential. Education.

Improve access to Healthcare

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In the realm of public health, Gotta Have HOPE strives to provide safe water sources; promote clean living environments; increase access to vaccinations; provide medication; increase access to insecticide treated mosquito netting and blankets; and provide education regarding nutrition, good hygiene, and disease prevention to the general public and health care providers in the field.

All proceeds from Gotta Have HOPE’s aluminum beverage can recycling program, “HOPE CAN Help”, are used to purchase medicine for students of St. Joan of Arc Primary School in Mawuuki, Uganda. The motto of the “HOPE CAN Help” recycling program is “Save a can, save a life!”

We facilitate the delivery of donated new or gently used medical equipment to clinics in need. Gotta Have HOPE’s program, “Sending HOPE”, works together with the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Eucharist and the Franciscan Mission Warehouse in Independence, Missouri to sponsor 40-foot cargo shipments of donated medical supplies from local health care providers to the 18 clinics of the Diocese of Kiyinda-Mityana, Uganda. Shipments were delivered in July 2012 and July 2014. Preparation of our third shipment is underway.

In the realm of acute health, Gotta Have HOPE foresees future medical mission visits to promote good health, current practices in treatment and prevention of medical conditions, and provide assistance to health professionals and their patients.

Promote Opportunity for social and economic growth

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Gotta Have HOPE helps design and implement what are becoming self-sustaining programs for the improvement of social and economic opportunity.

We support programs that assist others in learning how to help themselves. It is our belief that, given opportunity, any person can develop into a productive member of society. Programs fostering opportunity and developing unrealized capabilities of individuals are encouraged.

Current programs under development are “Crafting HOPE Co-op Initiative” assisting local artisans in business practices and delivering their wares to the marketplace; and “HOPE Farms” which supports agricultural education for all ages.

In the future, Gotta Have HOPE would like to assist in the creation of infrastructure in the impoverished communities we serve to drive development and economic growth.

Assist individuals in reaching their Potential

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Individuals receive assistance from Gotta Have HOPE in forming a necessary foundation to allow themselves to maximize their own personal development and potential.

Our “Friend2Friend” student correspondence program connects students we work with in Uganda with students in the United States. By writing and receiving letters, students hone their communication and social skills while learning about another culture. Receiving a letter from their “pen friend” is a true joy.

Gotta Have HOPE looks forward to developing “HOPE Scholars”, a scholarship program for students of various levels in the communities we serve.

Establish life-long opportunities in Education

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We believe education is the key in the development of a person and a society. We support educational programs from childhood through adulthood.

Gotta Have HOPE gathers donated new and gently used educational supplies and equipment and delivers to schools we serve. We provide necessities such as solar power and water, if not available, and viable information regarding hygiene and sanitation. We provide transportation to augment learning experiences. We assist the administration and teaching staff in fulfilling their duties within their schools.

Gotta Have HOPE provides special hands-on learning experiences for the students, which augment their curriculum and enhance their educational and lifelong perspective.

“Charged up with HOPE” is an educational, power-generating business model, developed by volunteers, using the energy produced by pedaling a bicycle to recharge cell phone batteries and run low voltage lights. Students learn about electricity, starting and running a business, and self-sustaining practices to improve their current conditions.

“HOPE Technology”, Gotta Have HOPE’s Volunteer Informational Technology Team,
works with our targeted schools and clinics to apply current scientific, technological, and computer knowledge for educational enlightenment, practical purposes, and economical use. We educate staff and students in the use of computer technology. The goal of HOPE Technology is to teach others computer skills to enhance their learning while developing informed, ethical, and moral users of such technology.

Gotta Have HOPE provides textbooks, reading material, and supplies to the schools we serve. Through our program “Volumes of HOPE”, construction will begin in 2015 on a freestanding library on the campus of St. Joan of Arc Primary School in remote Mawuuki, Uganda. This will be the only library in the region and is being designed for the educational enjoyment of all ages.