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Our Programs

Our volunteers share their blessings of personal expertise, tangible donations, financial support, time, creativity, resources, knowledge and prayers to bring about the assistance we provide through our Uganda Initiative. Many innovative programs are underway and in development thanks to our vibrant volunteers coming forth with ideas of how we can use what we know and what we have to help others.

Please click on the title of each program to see the latest information.

12th Annual Gotta Have HOPE Benefit Sale

Thursday, June 27th
7:30am-10am Set up gym and lunchroom
10am-8pm Donations accepted and stocking

Friday, June 28th, 8am- 4pm
Saturday, June 29th, 8am - 2pm
Wrap up/Pack up: Saturday, June 29th, 2:30pm - 5pm

St. Michael the Archangel School Gymnasium, North Gym Entrance
14251 Nall Ave, Leawood, KS 66223

100% proceeds go toward our Uganda Initiative.

An entire gymnasium and lunchroom will be packed with the best deals in southern Johnson County!
Projected 150+ families donating!
Designer brands, great selection, bake sale, raffles, food, and fun!

VOLUNTEER: Be a part of one village coming together to help another village in need! A few hours or the entire event, youth and adults, we need you! Volunteers of all ages make this event a true “FUN”d raising success! We greatly appreciate any time you are willing to give during set up, sale days, our bake sale, or tear down. It takes a village to help a village! If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the Google form at the end of this section. Youth volunteers under 14yo require an adult present with them at the sale. Feel free to contact us for specific questions. 

Please sign up to volunteer here 

DONATE: New or gently used clothing, household
items, and furniture are gladly accepted Thursday, June 27th, 10a -8p, north gym entrance.
Kindly separate and sort your donations before dropping them off.
Schedule a pick-up (within 10-mile radius) for large donations by calling 913-226-6958
or email Donations are tax deductible.
All remaining donations after the sale are delivered to
Catholic Charities TurnStyles and area nonprofits.

Items we are UNABLE accept:
(We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.)
Large appliances - stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers,
large TVs, console stereos, large exercise equipment-treadmills, basketball goals, stationary bikes, large console office furniture, mirrors or glass without frames, hazardous chemicals, paint, solvent, oil.
Please no broken, ripped, or stained items.

For more information or volunteer questions: email,
call 913-226-6958, or see our FB page at
Sale ads on KC Craigslist and KC Star start the week of the sale.
Thank YOU for your support!

Volumes of HOPE


A library and multipurpose building, to be constructed at St. Joan of Arc Primary School, is in the design and planning stages. The 6300 sq. foot structure will house a traditional library, computer and science labs, and a conference room. Solar power will provide electricity to the structure. An outdoor interactive classroom will encompass the building with teaching models which will include rainwater harvesting off the gutters and raised gardens.

This building will serve the 600 students, 25 staff members, and surrounding villages. It will be the first library in the region.

The library is being designed, pro-bono, by Kromm, Rikimaru, and Johansen, Inc., St. Louis, MO. Working closely with Gotta Have HOPE and Fr. Simon Peter Kyambadde, founder of St. Joan of Arc, they are lending state of the art trends to current construction practices of rural Uganda.

Construction, building materials, and furnishings will be offered to bid to local contractors to aid in the economic growth of the region.

Fundraising began with the proceeds of the 2013 and 2014 Gotta Have HOPE annual benefit garage sales. Generous private donations have been received. Grants have been awarded by the Flahive Family Foundation and the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. The estimated cost of the project is $123,300. $114,400 has been raised to date.

If you would like more information, or would like to become involved in this worthy project, please email us at or call 913-226-6958.

Sending HOPE - Donated Medical Equipment


Do you have access to new or gently used medical equipment in good working order? The clinics in the Dicoese of Kiyinda-Mityana are in dire need of these articles! Gotta Have HOPE works together with the Franciscan Mission Warehouse and the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Eucharist in Independence, MO to sponsor 40-foot cargo shipments of donated medical supplies from local healthcare providers to the 18 clinics in the Diocese of Kiyinda-Mityana, Uganda. Our first shipment was delivered to Mityana, Uganda in July, 2012 and our second shipment arrived successfully in January, 2014. Preparations are now underway for our third shipment.

St. Luke’s Health Center in Mityana hopes to upgrade their status from clinic to hospital. To receive the upgrade, they must establish an “operating theatre” (operating room). Along with general medical equipment, we hope to furnish St. Luke’s with the equipment necessary for the operating theatre.

Gather up your old scopes and forceps, recycle instruments from debridement trays, and donate to a great cause! For a full list of needed items and for more information contact us at or call 913-226-6958.

You don’t have to be in the medical profession to join in! We need many volunteers to get the articles ready for shipment.



Gotta Have HOPE’s year round responsibilities of organization, acknowledgements, correspondence, data entry, accounting, and non-profit corporate development are ever increasing. Please consider joining our day-to-day volunteer work force, “HOPE@Work”. Any amount of time you have to give is most welcome and appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration in joining the “HOPE@Work” crew and volunteering with Gotta Have HOPE year round.

Please contact for more information.



Gotta Have HOPE’s Aluminum Beverage Can Recycling Program,
HOPE “CAN” Help, is as easy as 1,2,3!

Save: Instead of throwing away aluminum beverage cans or recycling them in your weekly recycling service, save the cans for Gotta Have HOPE.

Collect: Ask your family, friends, clubs, and neighborhoods to save their cans too. Gather the cans together in plastic bags. 33 gallon blue Gotta Have HOPE can collection barrels are available upon request.

Recycle: Deliver your cans to our headquarters at 16340 Dearborn Drive, Stilwell, KS. Deposit your cans in the large can receptacle on the left side of the building behind the fence. Or take your cans directly to City Scrap Metal, 1638 SE Decker, Lee’s Summit, MO 64081. Tell them you are collecting for Gotta Have HOPE-c/o Joyce Feder. The proceeds from your cans will be mailed directly to Gotta Have HOPE.

100% of the proceeds from our recycling program buy medicine for the students of St. Joan of Arc Primary Day and Boarding School in Mawuuki, Uganda and surrounding medical clinics. Medicines such as Tylenol, Albendazole, Coartem, Advil, fungal creams, antihistamines and antibiotics are purchased annually with the proceeds from the cans we have saved from our landfills! Gather your friends and family and join in collecting empty beverage cans! It’s an eco-friendly and eco-fun way to help others. Save a can and save a life!

Fun Gotta Have HOPE recycling facts: Each empty can is worth two to three cents. Approximately 33 cans equal one pound. The price received from a pound of aluminum fluctuates with the metals market. Since 2009, Gotta Have HOPE has collected and recycled over 3.5 tons (yes, 7500 pounds) of aluminum! We have provided medicine for the students of St. Joan of Arc Primary School for the past 5 years with the proceeds from our HOPE “CAN” Help program.

For any questions please contact

HOPE Technology


“HOPE Technology”, Gotta Have HOPE’s Volunteer Informational Technology Team, works with our targeted schools and clinics to apply current scientific, technological, and computer knowledge for educational enlightenment, economic use, and practical purposes. We educate staff and students in the use of computer technology. The goal of HOPE Technology is to teach others computer skills to enhance their learning while developing informed ethical and moral users of such technology.

Do you have an interest in computer technology and bringing this knowledge to developing countries? If so, please join our team! For more information, contact us at

Charged up with HOPE


“Charged up with HOPE” is an educational, power-generating business model developed by Gotta Have HOPE volunteers, in which students learn about electricity. They generate and store electricity by pedaling a bicycle using a pedal-powered generator. The students learn how resources available to them can improve their living situations. The energy produced by pedaling a bicycle can be used to recharge cell phone batteries and run low voltage lights. Students learn about electricity, starting and running a business (charging cell phone batteries for a fee), and self-sustaining practices to improve their current conditions.

If you would like to be involved in our “Charged up with HOPE” program or have ideas for other programs to promote sustainability, please contact us at

Crafting HOPE Co-op Initiative


From the hands of native artisans to the marketplace, individuals are given the opportunity to market their wares. Gotta Have HOPE’s “Crafting HOPE Co-op Initiative” provides support to the artisans in organization, enterprising practices, microfinance, and arrangement of transportation of the handiworks to local, urban, domestic, or international markets.

Gotta Have HOPE participates annually in Fair Trade fairs at locations such as Rockhurst High School, St. James Academy, and St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish in the Kansas City metropolitan area. 100% of the proceeds from the sales go directly to the individual artisans.

Nayune Jewelry, jewelry fashioned from recycled paper, is featured at the fair trade fairs.

If you are interested in purchasing beautiful Ugandan handmade gifts or would like to help at one of our Gotta Have HOPE booths, please contact us at

Sustaining HOPE


The “Sustaining HOPE” sector of Gotta Have HOPE identifies natural renewable resources and recyclable materials that can be used in developing countries to promote self-sustaining practices and improve current conditions. Gotta Have HOPE has several eco-friendly programs that promote sustainability.

Volunteers collect and recycle aluminum beverage cans for Gotta Have HOPE’s Recycling Program, HOPE “CAN” Help. 100% of the proceeds from our recycling program purchase medicine for the students of St. Joan of Arc Primary Day and Boarding School in Mawuuki, Uganda and surrounding medical clinics.

Gotta Have HOPE works together with the Franciscan Mission Warehouse and the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Eucharist in Independence, MO to sponsor 40-foot cargo shipments of donated medical supplies from local healthcare providers to the 18 clinics in the Diocese of Kiyinda-Mityana, Uganda through our program “Sending HOPE”.

“Charged up with HOPE” is an educational, power-generating business model developed by Gotta Have HOPE volunteers in which students learn about making electricity by pedaling a bicycle and storing the electricity in a battery. The electricity can then be used to improve living situations.

Gotta Have HOPE’s, “Crafting HOPE Co-op Initiative” provides support to artisans in developing countries to assist them in building their businesses. Many of the handmade articles for sale are made of recyclable material, such as Nayune Jewelry, Ugandan jewelry made from beads of rolled paper.

The first and second annual Benefit Garage Sales funded solar power to be used at St. Joan of Arc Primary Day and Boarding School. This sustainable development brought light for the first time to classrooms and dormitories, as there is no electricity at the school.

The funds raised from the third and fourth annual Benefit Garage Sales provided a bore hole well with a solar power pump, water delivery system, and rain water harvesting. This has enhanced the ability for the people at St. Joan of Arc School to collect and store clean water.

Please see specifics of each in the “Our Programs” section.

If you have any ideas about additional ways to help build sustainability within our Uganda Initiative, please contact us at

“Friend2Friend” Student Correspondence Program


Would your group or class like to participate in special project that would mean the world to others? Gotta Have HOPE’s “Friend2Friend” Student Correspondence Program gives children in impoverished communities the opportunity to exchange communications with other children by becoming “pen friends”. Write a letter to a student at St. Joan of Arc Primary School, Uganda and they will write back to you! This experience provides exposure to other cultures and gives children the opportunity to practice good communication and such social skills as letter writing. There is a feeling of true enjoyment when receiving a sincere letter from someone who cared to write to you. Contact us now at if you and your group would like to become “pen friends”!

HOPE Farms


Gotta Have HOPE’s agricultural education program, “HOPE Farms” is in the seedling stage of development.

With the addition of the school bus to St. Joan of Arc School comes the opportunity to venture out and learn about the world around you. Beginning in 2015, Gotta Have HOPE will support field trips to a nearby mango farm where innovative agricultural techniques are being practiced. The students will tour the farm, be introduced to resourceful farming methods, and learn about the care and growing cycle of the mango tree. Each student will be given a mango seedling to plant and care for in the St. Joan of Arc School garden. This is the beginning of agricultural education at the school.

In April of 2014, Gotta Have HOPE funded the purchase of over 30,000 tree seedlings to be planted on 25 acres near the school. Mango, orange, avocado, tangerine, and guava trees were planted to someday augment the students’ diet. Eucalyptus was planted for cooking fires. Coffee was planted to investigate as a potential economic venture.

We are working with the Diocese of Kiyinda-Mityana to establish how Gotta Have HOPE can be of the greatest assistance in providing education of agricultural science, modern agricultural technology, support for the farmers, and development of agribusiness to the Mpigi District of Uganda.

Though out the diocese, all of the clearing, cultivating, plowing, planting, fertilizing, and harvesting is done by hand or with the help of draft animals. There are acres of gardens at the diocese and at each of the parishes not to mention the small family farms. A tractor and implements would significantly decrease the manpower necessary to prepare, maintain, and harvest the fields of banana and mango trees, coffee, and other crops. Gotta Have HOPE is investigating the possibility of providing a tractor and implements (new or gently used to ship to Uganda or purchase in country) to be used throughout the diocese to bring technology to the field and help to farmers.

If you are interested in assisting in the development of our agricultural programs or if you have resources for acquisition of tractors or implements to augment our programs, please contact